People who know their rights find it easier to achieve their rights.

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People with intellectual disabilities find it hard to get jobs. One problem is that they do not know about their rights to equal and fair treatment at work.

Young woman discriminating person with intellectual disability at business presentation

Here you will find a range of information and training materials and tools. These help to explain discrimination, your rights under the Framework European Directive on Employment, the national laws in different countries and what you can do if you think you have been discriminated against.

These tools can be used by

  • People with intellectual disabilities by themselves if they want
  • Trainers and tutors working with groups of people with intellectual disabilities

You will also find other information in our legal section and useful links section.


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Module 1 - What is discrimination?

Module 1 explains what discrimination is.

You can work through it at your own pace or it can be used with groups.

PDF: Click here to open Module 1 - What is discrimination?

Tutor manual for Module 1

This will help any tutor or trainer who wants to run training or information sessions for groups of people with intellectual disabilities on discrimination at work. It includes exercises and tools that can be used along with Module 1.

PDF: Click here to open the Tutor manual


Slides for use with tutor manual

This is a set of slides without text that can be used for group training sessions.

PDF: Click here to open the slides

Module 2

Module 2 explains rights andlegalislation in your country.

PDF: Click here to open Module 2


Video clips

There is a set of 8 video clips that can be viewed as part of Module 1 or used by tutors to explain and discuss various ways that people can be discriminated at work. The final video clip explains what people can do about discrimination.

Watch video clips here.

Four video clips from training material for intellectually disabled people


Reasonable adjustments

Here are some examples of reasonable adjustments that can be made to help someone with a learning disability get or keep a job.


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