People who know their rights find it easier to achieve their rights.

Legal information

Sometimes people need to be able to take legal action to achieve their rights.

Dan anxious awaits the lawyers decision


Lawyers can play an important role by

  • supporting people with intellectual disabilities to understand their rights
  • supporting clients to take cases against unfair employers.

There is very little case law that relates to people with intellectual disabilities and employment discrimination.

The Work it Out project has produced the following tools to help lawyers to take more cases in this area.

Meeting with a lawyer, looking at legal papers Meeting with lawyer, talking about decision Meeting with lawyer, handing over legal papers

A good practice guide

A good practice guide to supporting clients with learning disabilities

PDF: Click here to download good practice guide.

A legal strategy

A legal strategy that looks at some of the issues around test cases involving discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities at work.

PDF: Click here to download legal strategy.

Legal sources

Links to legal sources that lawyers may find helpful.


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