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The partners

Welcome to the section about the Work it Out partners

Work it Out is an international project involving organisations from 4 countries in the European Union. All of our organisations work with people with intellectual disabilities. Together we have developed training and information materials for people with intellectual disabilities as well as legal materials to assist lawyers to take up cases of discrimination.

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KARE, ireland

KARE is an organisation based in the counties of Kildare, East Offaly and West Wicklow. KARE is dedicated to the provision of life long support to people with intellectual disabilities and their families and carers.

We aim to support people to be full and equal citizens of their own communities, through supported employment, lifelong learning, social and recreational activities and independent living.

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The National Organization LEV, Denmark

The National Organisation LEV is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) for people with learning disabilities, their families and others sharing an interest. LEV was founded in 1952. The National Organisation LEV does not provide direct services to people. Its focus is aimed at decision makers at the local, regional, national and international level.

The National Organisation LEV wants to ensure that people with learning disabilities will always have the opportunity to live as ordinary a life as possible. In the early days this meant abolishing institutions, later this meant access to education or raising a family – only development and change in society can tell how far we will go. Being a person with a learning disability does not mean you should be treated better than others, just the same with the same opportunities. Today, the National Organisation LEV has some 16,000 members.

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VILTIS, Lithuania

VILTIS is a public organization, established in 1989. Our vision is to become a major factor ensuring equal and full-fledged social involvement of people with developmental problems in the life of the society. Represent the interests and protect the rights of those individuals and their families..

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ENABLE Scotland

ENABLE Scotland is the leading organisation in Scotland working with people with learning disabilities and their families. It has over 4000 members and runs a range of support services. It has lots of experience in helping people with learning disabilities to find jobs in open employment and supporting people to achieve their rights.

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Other organisations

We hope you will find the information on this site useful and relevant. If you want to know more about discrimination at work in Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania or Scotland or about other learning disability issues then contact us.

There are learning disability organisations in many other countries. The worldwide learning disability organisation, Inclusion International, has a directory of learning disability organisations across the world on its website at



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